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the vice governor of anhui province fang chunming and his companions are present in our group to have a survey

on march 15, the vice governor of anhui province fang chunming and his companions was present in our group to have a survey. yang dongpo,the secretary of municipal party committee and the mayor liu rongxiang with the leaders of anhui electric group shares co., ltd carried out the survey altogether.
governor fang first listened to the leaders’ report and detailed introduction about the development of anhui electric group co., ltd and its new energy lithium battery project and visited the lithium batteries in the pilot production line and material production line. then they had a detailed understanding of the nano lithium titanate batteries production process.when told that the cathode material - nano lithium titanate was researched and developed independently by anhui electric group co., ltd and it was a domestic initiative and an international leading technology achievement, governor fang constantly nod to praise.  governor fang pointed out that emerging industry is the pillar of future development, and new energy is an important breakthrough of emerging industries. anhui electric group’s march to new energy field is showing its great courage and long-term vision. at present, anhui electric group should be taken as a great opportunity to strengthen product promotion and expand production scale to obtain the domestic and foreign markets. 
the company leaders say, our group will make great efforts in adhering to transforming science and technology achievements in industrialization. we should adhere to the development of energy technology in order to benefit the human and devote to the society. and we would make great efforts in new energy construction in anhui province. 

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