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corporate culture
corporate culture
anhui electric enterprise logo is composed of three elements, "ae", "ladder" and "science and technology blue".
1. "ae" is simplified from the english name of anhui electric, implying that anhui electric is an enterprise engaged in general contracting of domestic and foreign projects, complete sets of system engineering, manufacturing and import and export of mechanical and electrical products. the whole graph has the trend of "equilateral triangle". the strong and powerful glyph reflects anhui electric's steady and profound corporate image;
2. the color of "ae" logo adopts technology blue, which means scientific and technological innovation, and reflects the image of anhui electric technology strong enterprise;
3. "ae" logo presents the whole ladder of climbing the peak bravely, embodying the spirit of "excellence comes with leaping", never forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission and marching forward bravely.


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