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corporate culture
corporate culture
responsibility management

corporate social responsibility has become an important path to achieve sustainable economic development, and it is also an important strategic measure for enterprises to adapt to the new normal of economic development and enhance their competitiveness. cahe strengthens social responsibility management, focuses on promoting the construction of four major systems of social responsibility management, social responsibility practice, social responsibility communication and social responsibility communication, and continuously promotes the integration of social responsibility concepts and requirements into the company's decision-making and daily business operation process, and continuously improves the sustainable development ability of enterprises。

responsibility concept

cahe actively explore the road of sustainable development, take the correct concept of justice and benefit as the core, strengthen the sense of social responsibility, build responsibility competitiveness, adhere to the guidance of strategy, leadership and corporate culture, root social responsibility in cahe development gene, promote the integration of social responsibility into corporate strategy, corporate culture and daily operation, give full play to the core advantages of enterprises, and join hands with shareholders and investors , employees, government, customers, industry, partners and other stakeholders pursue the optimization of comprehensive economic, social and environmental values, provide innovative solutions for economic, social and environmental problems, and strive to realize the harmonious coexistence of enterprises, society and environment.


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