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anhui electric takes advantage of its own brand and actively carries out operations with capital at home and abroad. the investment fields involve electric power, environmental protection, clean energy, culture and tourism, including bot, boo and boot.

anhui electric has built a professional industrial investment platform to implement industrial investment, strategic investment and necessary financial investment, and is committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivating strategic emerging industries and emerging growth points with the power of capital.

with good business reputation and business performance, we have carried out extensive strategic cooperation with many financial institutions at home and abroad to provide customers with specialized, efficient and low-cost supply chain financial services and customized financial solutions including investment and financing, so as to help customers do more and go further.

financial service
provide investment and financing solutions and capital market-oriented financing products for member enterprises, promote the group to optimize resource allocation, save financial costs, ensure capital security and improve operational efficiency.

asset management
with the help of capital market financial instruments, we can carry out market-oriented asset management business, cooperate with capital investment activities, and improve asset value and operational efficiency.

capital investment
build a professional financial industry investment management platform to provide more abundant financial investment services for the development of the group industry.



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