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equipment r & d and manufacturing
equipment r & d and manufacturing is the main business of anhui electric. with its profound industry background and rich human resources, as well as the continuous industry university research cooperation with nanjing university, shanghai cable research institute, tiankang academician workstation and other universities and scientific research institutes, the group has always maintained a high level of scientific and technological innovation, product r & d and manufacturing capabilities to fill the domestic blank and replace the import, and form three major product systems of instruments, optical cables and lithium batteries.

anhui electric has always been committed to the general contracting business at home and abroad, providing engineering construction services mainly in the form of complete sets of equipment, epc, bot and boo for the global market, covering the complete industrial chain of project development, investment and financing, project planning, survey, design, construction, equipment set, operation and maintenance management, etc.

anhui electric focuses on strategic investment and industrial integration of high-tech industries and core cultural industries. through various investment modes such as equity investment, strategic investment, fund investment and asset management, anhui electric deeply supports and integrates high-tech and high-quality cultural industry projects of advantageous enterprises. its investment business covers more than 10 fields, including science and technology, culture, media, film and television, tourism, medical treatment, etc we have built a cross system, cross industry and cross regional industrial investment and financing platform.

cultural tourism
anhui electric adheres to the concept of promoting industrial development by cultural and tourism activities. through the investment and financing, development and construction, operation and management of culture, tourism, sports, convention and exhibition, health care and ecological construction, anhui electric deeply promotes the supply side structural reform of cultural tourism industry, strengthens the application of policies, regional integration and industrial upgrading, and accelerates the promotion of a group of outstanding local flavor and reflecting nostalgia recalling the construction of local cultural tourism brand project, the formation of agriculture, rural, culture, tourism multi-state integration of new formats.

integration of medical and nursing
with tiankang hospital and longyin manor in busan as the fulcrum, anhui electric co., ltd. integrates various high-quality resources, and promotes personalized chemotherapy and vacation service with health management, chronic disease conditioning and sports rehabilitation as the core, and integrates nutrition diet, self-cultivation, culture and tourism as one, so as to comprehensively create a high-level and all-round health recuperation platform and medical tourism platform.


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