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jiangshan and hexi yong, the leaders of chuzhou city, came to our group to inspect the work

on the morning of march 2, jiangshan , municipal party secretary of chuzhou, and hexi yong, committee chairman of tianchang, came to anhui electrical to inspect the construction progress of new energy project, accompanied by yang dongpo, who is the party secretary of tianchang and group leaders.
in lithium battery production factory, secretary jiang listened carefully the report of construction progress of new energy project, and inspected the equipment installation. after learning that everything is in an orderly manner and will be produced on a large-scale, jiang was very happy. he pointed out that the anhui electric group courage to challenge itself, and courage to overcome difficulties. as one of “five million yuan “enterprises, new energy projects will become a resounding brand of anhui electric during the "12th five-year" period
secretary jiang stressed that the best season of the year is spring, anhui electric should seize the opportunity to accelerate the pace of development. group leaders said anhui electric has made remarkable achievements under the care and support of leaders at all levels. in the new year, we will not relax, strengthen the development faith, adhere scientific and technological innovation and span the industry as soon as possible. we will make the lithium battery project bigger and stronger to realize the grand goal of "anhui electric is chinese equipment manufacturing base,”




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