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provincial party committee member minister of organization department wang jiong and his companions are present in our group to have a survey

  on october 14th, provincial party committee member,minister of organization department wang jiong and his companions are present in our group to have a survey. provincial party committee organization department leaders liu youcai, shen xiaoping, lv guoping, leaders of the chuzhou city landscape, jiangshan, zhang xiangan, yuan hua, xu facheng and yu hui and leaders in tianchang city yang dongpo ,liu rongxiang, chen baoquan, li jihong were accopanied by anhui electric group shares co., ltd.
  minister wang first listen to the report about anhui electric group’s party construction made by leaders of our group in the front of the party construction display board, minister wang fully affirmed our group’s achievements in party construction. he also praised that we have well performed our duty as party organizations and members. all works have been well performed and the enterprises is experiencing a steady development.
 in the party committee office, minister wang nodded approvingly when facing with many roles of party members’ files. and he randomly checked a member’s file then he check the electronic files on the computer. minister wang was very satisfied with the standard file management. they also came to the group’s academic workstation, had an understanding of the establishment and operation of the station. he praised that the group had taken a serious attitude to talents and science and technology research and development. in the financial department, he kindly greet party member workers in "party member demonstrative hillock", "party member demonstrative window" and expressed his condolences. then minister wang fully affirmed party committee’s achievements in "contending for actor" activity and "double training and double promotion" activities.
  finally, minister wang and his companions visited lithium titanate batteries testing production line and took a ride of the sightseeing car driven by the lithium battery produced by our company. when heard that nano titanium acid lithium power/energy storage battery was our company’s four year’s achievements in scientific research, had passed through the national authoritative organization detection, through the expert evaluation and had reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, minister wang constantly nodded to praise. he stressed that anhui electric group shares co., ltd is one of the key enterprises in anhui province and it is also a leading enterprise in tian chang city. the company’s excellent enterprise party construction and excel work fully illustrates that the communist party members have played a core role in various works. he expressed his wish that in the future development anhui electric group shares co., ltd would maintain its good state of development and make more contribution to local economic development.




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