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turkey consul general in shanghai visited to anhui electric group

turkey consul general mr. nove in shanghai visited to anhui electric group shares co., ltd on sep. 10, 2012. hope to advance the friendly communications between turkey and anhui electric group, making contribution for economic cooperation.
mr. zhao jianjun , the president of anhui electric group , accompanied mr. nove to visit and investigate our company’s research and development room, quality controlling room, producing department etc., and held friendly talks in the group meeting room.
in talks, mr. nove indicated that the friendship between turkey and china would be of long standing, and anhui electric group was their honest and good friend. there was great scope for business cooperation between us, and we hoped to enhance the understanding and find investment opportunities by that visit.
the president zhao of anhui electric group indicated that the visit furthered the understanding between both sides, building a new brigde for our friendship.





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