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mr. zhang baoshun, anhui provincial party secretary and his group came to our group for inspections.

in the morning of june 3rd, mr. zhang baoshun, anhui provincial party secretary and his group came to our group for inspections. yu xinrong, the provincial standing committee and vice governor, and leaders from chuzhou city accompanied to come here.
mr zhang and his party came to our building site of new energy. after listening to the development of anhui electric group and the new energy project over these years, mr zhang speak highly of our company's achievements. he was very interested to watch the sample test of lithium battery production, and asked the details about the products, such as the research, investment, and the application field. he said that, the new energy will be a great project. to make high value-added, high technology, good market prospects products, we must pay attention to early development. at present, the national research institutions do research, some for transfer, some for sale. setting up institutes in beijing, shanghai, introducing the talents and science and technology from higher school, and implementing technology shares are very good. this played a flexible mechanism for the private economy. the key now is to improve product stability, enhance the market competitiveness of products, and lay a solid industrial base, making this industry bigger and stronger in the next few years. the development of anhui electric group shows high speed, excellent structure, and involving a wide range. especially in the independent innovation and technological progress, it has made outstanding achievements, has entered the fast lane of scientific development.
zhang also said that, according to the direction of the market economy, anhui electric group adhere to develop in the reform, upgrade the traditional techniques of the past to the world advanced technology. the group has transformed from a single product company of meter and optical cable into a comprehensive group. now the group moved into the new energy industry and will make important contributions in energy saving, green carbon, and recycling economy. he hoped that anhui electric group take bigger steps on innovation and leapfrog farther on making the group bigger and stronger.




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