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qian liangxin, the chairman of development and research center in anhui province, came to our group for inspection

on the afternoon of may 19th, qian liangxin, the chairman of development research center in anhui province, came to our group for inspection. and he was accompanied by wu zhenwen, the leader of tianchang city, and zhao kuan, the vice-president of tianchang political consultative conference.

mr. qian mainly knew the development of our new energy. he came to the construction site of our group located in no.9 tiankang road, economic development zone, and observed the construction situation, making a detailed understanding of investment to the new energy. leaders of our company said that we were always seeking to make contribution to the new development of local economy, to develop new project, and to introduce hi-tech talents and technology. new energy project is a national strategic new industry. the enterprise relied on personal economic strength and held the opportunity to greatly develop the new energy, gaining a strong support of our country and local government. leaders also showed that we had built a powerful research &development group and the doctor experiment station together with beijing technology university, tshinghua university and fudan university etc. the lithium battery project will be put to production soon.

mr. qian showed a great admiration for our company that grasped the opportunity to develop the hi-tech industry. he had a great confidence in the prospect of new energy industry and hoped that anhui electric group would make a greater contribution to the development of the local economy.




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