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meng fulin, former director of anhui national people's congress standing committee inspected our group and guided the work

 on the morning of october 17th , the provincial research board honorary chairman, provincial standing committee former director meng fulin accompanied by director of tianchang standing committee yang dongpo, secretary of municipal party committee xia wenwei and leaders of anhui electric group shares co., had an inspection to our group.
group leaders first gave a brief introduction of anhui electric group's general development situation in recent years to meng fulin line and mainly introduced the construction situation of new energy lithium battery project. in the key laboratory of lithium-ion batteries, meng fulin had cordial talks with experiment personnel, carefully understood situations of each experiment project and encouraged technicians to make persistent efforts, constantly overcome the difficulties and improve technology innovation.
in the lithium battery production line, meng fulin praised the development momentum of anhui electric group's strategic emerging industry. and he praise that anhui electric group is an "all-round good" enterprises, namely, sustainable development, good innovative development and excellent cross-cutting development.
at last, meng fulin hoped anhui electric group would urgent to grasp the current opportunity for development, use innovation to drive transformation, breakthroughs in core technologies and create new brilliance.





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