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anhui electric shares group co.,ltd. successfully passed three standard management system certification

on september 5, 2013, the china quality certification center liu qing, xu junhu and other visitors came to anhui electric shares group co.,ltd. for a period of two and a half days to approve three standard management system certification. in accordance with the relevant policies and the actual demands, the assessment group reviewed the group's management, technical support, cables, overhead conductors, meter manufacturing, environmental protection, employees’ health, re-education and business development, and held a summary meeting on the morning of 7th.
through this review, the assessment group fully affirmed that group's three standard management system combined with standardized management very well, fully used eight principles of quality management system in group construction, paid great attention to environmental protection and employees’ health control, enriched the connotation and extension of three standard management system, greatly improved the management level of enterprises, well conformed the requirements of the standard management system.
in summary meeting, the group management representative xu hongqin expressed heartfelt thanks for the assessment group’s hard working, and required each department rectify the problems and improvement suggestions put forward by assessment group, continuously improve the group’s three standard management system, strengthen the enterprise basic management, promote the enterprise sound and rapid development.




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