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mozambique guest comes to visit anhui electric group shares co., ltd

 on the afternoon of april 27, 2013, leo, the leading official of mozambique iltec company, came to have a visit in anhui electric group shares co., ltd.
in the headquarters of the group, the general manager zhao jianjun introduced recent production and development situation of the group to the guest. leo showed great interest to the development of the group and hoped to reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation with anhui electric group shares co., ltd as soon as possible.
on april 28, accompanied by group leaders, leo visited the group’s production line such as the industrial park, optical cable and cables co., ltd, the instrument workshop and the aluminum pull workshop. he had a detailed understanding of the group’s production, operation, science and technology innovation, technology and production equipments, etc.
leo gave the full affirmation of the group’s production capacity, equipment level and quality management system and he also put forward many constructive suggestions. later, the two sides reached an important consensus on further promotion of project construction and the realization of the win-win cooperation.




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