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the leaders of catic visited anhui electric co., ltd and supervised the work

the delegation of china aviation technology beijing co., ltd visited anhui electric co., ltd and supervised the work on apirl 25. and xu hongqin, the leader of our company, met them kindly with others and showed them around.

xu hongqin firstly introduced the economical and social development of tianchang to ma wen and others, focusing on the capital advantage that anhui electric group relying on, which gathered sience and technology and talents resource. our company strived to develop burgeoning industry and create our own brand which were being the pacemaker of anhui electric industry, hoping that catic would further concern the development of our company, support the contrust of our company’s instrument, data cable and aaac, so that to promote the cooperation of both sides.

during the visit, ma wen, together with other technicians, made the meticulous standard considerations and confirmation on the products that anhui electric co., ltd produced, and communicated with each other deeply on the matters of the cooperation. and both sides hoped that each of us should intensify efforts, extend breadth and excavate depth, pushing the cooperation level to a new height.




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