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shen weiguo,the director of ndrc in anhui province, came to our company for research work.

on march 26 pm, mr. shen weiguo, the director of provincial development and reform commission, mr. han xiancong, the party secretary of chuzhou and other leaders of the government, came to anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd.
mr. shen weiguo and his party know more about my company's development status, development plans and projects to promote. then they exchanged their opinions with leaders from anhui electric company on how to seize the opportunity to promote the construction of new industrial demonstration zone.
starting from 2010, new energy industry has been brought into national strategic new industry. the country's new energy industry development plan will soon be introduced. new energy industry will become the most potential industry. wind power, solar power will become the new focus of energy industry development plan. mr. shen weiguo and his party hope us take advantage of new energy development opportunities, promote efficient construction of key projects and make new contributions for local economic development.
mr. shen weiguo said that anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. is among the top 50 strongest enterprises in anhui province, which has both a solid foundation for the development and a strong development sense. provincial development and reform commission will be highly concerned and fully support the development of anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd.




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