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anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. completed the delivery schedule of the second batch of laos’ 230kv project successfully

recently, the second batch of acsr and aluminum coated steel cable products of laos’ 230kv power transmission project passed the strict inspection by the owner, and were smoothly sent to laos from shanghai in the end of september.
the project, designed by laos’ national power company, is 115kv double circuit line, aiming to improve the behindhand electrical actuality in the northern region in laos. this project is also the main investment project in laos. in the end of 2008, anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. signed the supply contracts of this project with the epc, and the total value is more than 6 million u.s. dollars. the products are 1960 tons acsr and 64 tons aluminum coated steel cable. in 2009, our company successfully completed the first delivery schedule. the products in the second delivery schedule included 960 tons acsr and 39 tons aluminum coated steel cables. after nearly two years of cooperation & supply, the owners and engineers give a highly praised on the quality of the products and the overall strength of the company.
the products were produced in the summer, the weather was very hot, but the whole company still meticulously organized and carefully produced to achieve a smooth delivery on time. with high quality products and good services, the users added more confidence in chinese products.





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