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anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. did actively in pre-job training of new staff

in order to meet the need of the company's development, in the first half of this year, anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. recruited nearly 20 graduates, who major in automation, english, international business and finance.

to make new employees know the company's business as soon as possible, the company developed rigorous training programs, such as assigning special personnel to train new staff, training new employees by phrases. during the training, the new staff must combine the practice with theory; combine the business training with quality training. through the training, our new staff can not only improve their professional level, but also temper themselves. meanwhile we can keep them maintain the fine style of hard struggle and hard work. in that case, they can adapt the work well.

after the training, according the results of the examination, the company will arrange the suitable port to make them do their great contribution for the company..


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