uhz-50/d type series of top-mounted magnetic floating ball liquid level indicator

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function & application range
floating ball part is the measuring element of uhz-50/d type series of top-mounted magnetic floating ball liquid level indicator. with buoyancy effect, floating ball moves up and down that result in move of magnet steel at the upper end of top rod. with magnetic coupling effect, it leads to revival of magnetic revival pillar of displayer part. thus, the change of liquid level could be followed with direct and eye-catching display. it is safe and electric with separation of displaying part from tested medium.
the indicator is suitable for measuring the liquid level in trough and pool underground, and container on which it is not appropriate to open hole. in connection with attached instruments, it could be used for long-range measuring and transmission. thus, automatic control could be realized.
working theory & features
working theory
it is made based on buoyancy and magnetic coupling theory. the liquid level change of tested medium in container results in move of floating ball. it leads to revival of revival pillar of displayer through move of permanent magnet steel on top end of rod connected with it. when liquid level rises, revival pillar turns from white to red. when it falls, the pillar turns from red to white. the demarcation line between red and white indicates the actual level of the medium inside container. thus, it could be realized to automatically follow and display the liquid level.

  1. the indicator could be mounted on top or bottom of container if it is unsuitable to open hole on the side or that space around container is not enough.
  2. the indicator is suitable for media with high viscosity.
  3. the observation direction of displayer may be changed freely.
  4. other features remain the same as those of uhz-50/c.

technical parameters:

  1. measuring accuracy: ±10mm
  2. working pressure:  ≤2.5mpa
  3. medium density: ≥0.5g/cm3
  4. working temperature: -20°c~+150°c
  5. measuring range: 500~5000mm
  6. medium viscosity: ≤0.4pa.s
  7. manufacturer flange size: dn150  pn1.6
  8. connection flange:we generally adopt connection flange stipulated in hg20592-20635-97 standard issued in 1998 by ministry of chemical industry. it should be indicated in ordering for demand on other type flange. flange connection distribution figure: square.