uk liquid level controller attached -尊龙登录

uk liquid level controller attached     time: 10/28/10 08:46


overview and working theory
uk liquid level controller supports the use of our company’s uhz-50 type liquid level meter. because the controller is installed close to the magnetic floating ball liquid level meter which is in the same magnetic coupling system with the magnetic liquid level meter, under the function of magnetic floating module's magnetic field, it makes the reed pipe action in the liquid level controller and sends out switch signal at contact point which is coordination with corresponding control circuit to realize liquid level control and alarming. 
main technical parameters
1. control location: setting anywhere within the measurement range of magnetic floating   ball liquid level meter.
2. operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
3. control accuracy: ± 10mm
4. output contact capacity: ac220v 1a (resistive) dc24v 0.5a
5. protection class: ip65
6. explosion-proof class: explosion isolation exdiibt4 ~ 6 intrinsic safety exiaiict4 ~ 6
7. outlet thread: m20×1.5inner thread