uhz-50/c type series of side-mounted magnetic floating ball liquid level indicator

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function & application range
uhz-50 type magnetic floating ball liquid level indicator (abbreviated as the indicator) is used to test liquid level of media in storage devices (tower, vat, trough, ball-shape container and boiler) under pressure (or open). it could indicate status and height of various liquids. the liquid level signal could be transmitted from long distance with connection of the indicator and liquid level transmitter. with certain electric devices, automatic control & measuring of liquid level could be realized.
the indicator is electric and safe testing instrument. it has isolated and sealed magnetic coupling structure, it is especially suitable for testing liquid level of inflammable, explosive, or corrosive media.
the indicator may clearly and directly display liquid level on the spot. whole-range measuring could be realized with single body without need of multi sets of indicators. with displayer integrated with the indicator, transmission accuracy could be improved without intermediate transmitted procedures.
working theory
the indicator is based on the u-tube flow theory. the liquid in container flows naturally into the indicator body. based on buoyancy and magnetic coupling theory, liquid level could be displayed with the floating ball inside main body and revival pillar outside. the change of liquid level within main body results in position change of floating ball, which leads to revival of the pillar by 180°c. when liquid level rises, revival pillar turns from white to red, and when it falls, the pillar turns from red to white. the demarcation line between red and white indicates the actual level of the medium inside container.

  1. it is suitable for measuring liquid level of media inside container on the spot, or in connection with transmitter and controller for long-distance transmission.
  2. with direct and eye-catching display, and display direction may be changed as user’ demand.
  3. with wide measuring range, without limitation of container height
  4. with separation of displaying sets from tested medium, closely sealed, safe and electric
  5. with simple structure, convenient for installation, easy for maintenance
  6. with corrosion-resistant & explosion-proof performance.

main technical parameters

  1. measuring range: 0-300mm, 0-6000mm
  2. measuring accuracy: ±10mm
  3. medium density: ≥0.5g/cm3
  4. working pressure: 1.0, 1.6, 2.5mpa
  5. working temperature: a=80°c b=120°c c=200°c
  6. medium viscosity: ≤0.4pa.s (l: the thermal clamp tube should be adopted for medium with high viscosity and crystallization under low temperature.)
  7. specific gravity difference between measuring position:≥0.15g/cm3
  8. manufacturer connection flange size: dn20 pn2.5 (metric tube)
  9. we generally adopt connection flange stipulated in hg20592-20635-97 standard issued in 1998 by ministry of chemical industry. it should be indicated in ordering for demand on other type flange. flange connection distribution figure: square.