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tk5000 distributor     time: 11/26/10 15:56

general description
tk5000 distributor is a card-mounted instrument of modular structure. it provides isolated power supply to the scene of two-wire transmitter. at the same time, the 4 ~ 20ma dc signals from two-wire transmitter is converted to the isolated 4 ~ 20madc (or 1 ~ 5v dc) signal output, which is supplied to indicator, recorder, analog regulator, programmable single / multiple loop digital controller, industrial process controller and distributed systems, so that they form variety of monitoring and control system. it is widely used in the detection and control systems in the industrial process. the processor is an indispensable instrument forming non-explosion proof automatic control system.

main technical parameters
input: 4 ~ 20ma dc (the signals from the two-wire transmitter)
input channels: one (that is connected to a transmitter)
sampling resistor: 50ω
output: 4 ~ 3madc (or 1 ~ 5v dc)
distribution voltage: 18.5 ~ 28.5v dc
output resistance: 500ω (when output is 1 ~ 5v dc);
> 500kω (when output is 4 ~ 20ma dc)
load resistance: ≤ 350ω (when output is 4 ~ 20 ma dc)
accuracy: ± 0.2%
common-mode interference: <5mv when 50hz
response time: <1s
isolation: input, output, power supply isolated from each other
zero adjustment: zero potentiometer
adjustment range: span potentiometer
power: 24vdc ± 10%
power consumption: <1.5w
ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
relative temperature: <90% rh (no condensation)
insulation resistance: ≥ 100mω among current, input and output terminal
dielectric strength: 1000v dc / min among power supply, input and output terminals
weight: about 150g
maintenance: under the condition of wiring, the instrument can be replaced

instrument selection


input signal

output signal



4~20ma dc

4~20ma/1~5v dc



4~20ma dc

4~20ma/1~5v dc



4~20ma dc

4~20ma/1~5v dc

one entrance ,two exit