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tk5000 rtd temperature transmitter     time: 11/26/10 15:55

general description

it is of modular structure and a safety explosion-proof card-mounted instrument. it change the value of thermal resistance to 4 ~ 20ma dc (or 1 ~ 5v dc) isolated signal output, which has linear relationship with temperature.

main technical parameters

input: standard thermal resistance (three-wire)
output: 4 ~ 20ma dc (or 1 ~ 5v dc)
output resistance: 250ω (when output is 1 ~ 5v dc);

  1. 500kω (4 ~ 20ma dc output)

load resistance: ≤ 350ω (when output is 4 ~ 20 ma dc)
input pin effects on resistance: resistance of each line≤5ω (three-wire equivalent)
accuracy: when the range ≥ 50 ℃, ± 0.2%;
when the range<50℃, ± 0.5%
common-mode interference: <5mv when 50hz
response time: <1s
isolation: input, output, power supply isolated from each other
zero adjustment: zero potentiometer
adjustment range: span potentiometer
power: 24vdc ± 10%
power consumption: <1.5w
ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 110kpa
relative temperature: <90% rh (no condensation)
insulation resistance: ≥ 100mω among current, input and output terminals
dielectric strength: 1000v dc / min among power supply, input and output terminals
weight: about 150g
maintenance: under the condition of wiring, the instrument can be replaced


instrument selection


no. and range

output signal



pt100,cu50 optional range

4~20ma/1~5v dc



pt100,cu50 optional range

4~20ma/1~5v dc

one entrance ,two exit