tk8000-ex isolated barrier on detection side     time: 11/20/10 08:25


main technical parameters
explosion-proof marker: [exib]ⅱc
power consumption: about 3w (24v power supply, when the output is 20ma)
the danger zone input: 4~20madc
for the transmitter voltage: ≥ 16v (when output 20ma,load 250ω)
the safety zone output:
tk8000-ex, tk8000-ex (v)
signal: 4~20ma,1~5v
output load: 100 ~ 650ω, 250ω (internal)
output accuracy: 0.1% f.s
temperature drift: 0.01% f.s / ℃
continuous operating temperature: -20 ~ +60 ℃
certified by china national quality supervision and test center for explosion protected electrical products(cqst) (among terminals 9、10、13、14)
applying to field devices
two-wire transmitter, 4 ~ 20ma dc current signal