tk8000-ex digital input isolated barrier     time: 11/10/10 10:07


general description
digital input isolated barrier, receives input from the dangerous places on one side of the switch / proximity switch, and transmits it to a safe place through the isolation barrier. it has fault detection function on proximity switch and setting function on relay output.

main technical parameters
explosion-proof marker: [exia]ⅱc
power supply:24v dc±10%
power consumption: when relay works, about 1.5w
the danger zone input
signal: switch, proximity switch
power supply voltage> 8v (open circuit voltage)
short-circuit current ≈ 8 ma
input characteristics
current input > 2.1ma, it said "on"
current input < 1.2ma, it said "off"
switching hysteresis: 200μa
the safety zone output
signal: relay output
relay output characteristics
response time: ≤20ms
drive capability: 250v ac/2a, 30v dc/2a
output way
continuous working temperature:
certified by china national quality supervision and test center for explosion protected  electrical products(cqst)
parameters (10,9 and 12,11 terminals)
u0≤11v dc,c0≤1.5μf,
um=250v ac/dc、p0≤0.04w
apply to field devices
consistent with din9234 and namur proximity switches