uhz-50/s-uk insert type magnetic floating ball controller

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general description
uhz-50/s-uk series insert type magnetic floating ball controller is  used to transmit switch signal of liquid level for control and alarming of liquid level of container under pressure or with mouth open in petrochemical industry, environment protection, shipbuilding, civil construction, etc.

  1. with simple structure, easy for installation and convenient for maintenance.
  2. with wide application, suitable for liquid level control of various media.
  3. liquid level control at 4 points could be realized with one controller.
  4. high accuracy for repetition.
  5. strong resistance against corrosion.
  6. special demands of customer could be met under technical agreements.

main technical parameters

  1. nominal length: 70-3000mm
  2. control error: ±10mm
  3. contact volume: 220v a.c/a (resistance)

  24d.c 0.5a

  1. explosion-proof class: exidllct6
  2. medium specific gravity: >0.55g/cm3
  3. operation temperature: 20°c~+80°c
  4. medium viscosity:≤0.4pa.s
  5. operation pressure:  <1.6mpa

outlet thread: m20×1.5inner thread