tk-uyz3 type series capacitance level meter     time: 10/28/10 08:41

tk-uyz3 type series capacitance level meter is used to test the level of open container or container under pressure, or continuous measure the level of conductive and non-conductive liquid, powder and so on. the change of material level will be converted to the change of capacitances, transformed into 4 ~ 20ma current through the dedicated circuit to be outputted.

model name

tk-uyz-3 type series capacitance level meter

measuring principle

electrode and the metal container wall to form a capacitor

measuring range

500mm ~ 10000mm

operating temperature

-200 ℃ ~200 ℃

working pressure


explosion-proof class

d ⅱ bt4    ia ⅱ ct4 ~ 6

output signal

4~20 ma (double wire system)    

installation way

flange jb/tb1-94pn25 dn40

measuring accuracy

non-ex 1.0 ex 1.5