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electrical overhead compound earth wire:opgw optical cable

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technical features:
●all-dielectric, metal free, lightning protection;
● easy to install and maintain the line (needn’t to cut the electricity);
● low expansion coefficient, wide temperature scope;
●possess bullet-proof character and high tensile strength;
● cable diameter is small, the load of the ice and wind is low, and the transmission is stable.
● 220kv or the below voltage level
● 500m or the below span
● using the original power pole

number of cable cores(core)

cable od

short time span (m)

allow lateral pressure

impact resistance
(n • m)

bending radius (times the cable diameter)

reference weight
(kg / km)






≥ 2200





opgw application:
● replace the existing ground line and transform the power optical communication lines
●. the new overhead power line shall be constructed along with the ground wire.
●provide the beat protection for stainless steel optical fiber transmission
●conduct the short-circuit current and provide protection against lightning
● features: cable’s diameter is small, the weight is light, and the additional load on the tower is low.
● stainless steel wire’s diameter is greater than the diameter of aluminum-coated steel wire and aluminum alloy wire
● stainless steel fiber units located in the center of twist level, so it can be protected better.
● get the maximize fiber excess length in the smallest steel tube 
● the single armored cable has lower anti-twist , lower anti-side pressure and lower anti-stretch ability 
● operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃


products description:
anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. designs and manufactures opgw. the structure can be divided into two types, types with center tube and types with stranded. in order to satisfy the customer’s need, we can produce the cable, stranded with 1~3 stainless steel tubes, aluminum-clad steel conductor and all aluminum alloy conductor. the concrete structure is as follows:
1. stainless steel pipe light units:
stainless steel pipe is twisted with stainless steel band, together with fiber and fiber paste.  the outer surface of the pipe is coated with a layer of cable cream to against corrosion.
2. fiber:
optical fiber ring use chromatography and chromatic circle to recognize. maximum fiber cores of each tube are 48 cores itu-t g.652 or g.655.
3. (metal) wire:
light unit stranded with aluminum-clad steel stranded conductor and all aluminum alloy conductors to meet the necessary strength and electrical conductivity, and to further protect the fiber. aluminum-clad steel stranded conductor executes iec1232 (international electro technical commission) (equivalent to gb/t17937-1999). all aluminum alloy conductors executes iec104 (international electro technical commission) (equivalent to jb/t8134-1997).
4. features of central tube opgw:
the optical fiber is protected in the water-proof packing stainless steel tube. the stainless steel tube placed in the center of the cable, stranded with a layer (or layers) single wire outside.
5. features of stranded opgw:
the optical fiber is protected in the water-proof packing stainless steel tube. the center is a single aluminum clad steel wire, with stainless steel pipe and single-wire strands in the first layer, a stranded layer (or layers) single wire in the outer.
6 comparisons between central tube and stranded opgw:
type with central tube can make thicker diameter of the single wire and smaller diameter of opgw than the stranded. and the stranded cable can make larger opgw .sfpoc can strand a 2 layer or 3 layer opgw. they can meet the need of the current capacity of the long- span and large short circuit.

software name

software description

structural design software

 quickly and accurately calculate the structure to meet the requirements of the cable.

simulated short-circuit current operational software

 accurately simulate the cable temperature changes for each part and the intensitat of the maximum short-circuit current when core is in short circuit.

sag tension cable routing software

truly reflect the mechanical properties in the specified weather conditions and the match case of another ground wire. calculate the creep case in this condition in 10 years.