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aluminium conductor steel reinforced (acsr)     time: 10/19/10 09:36

1, use:
aluminum wire and acsr’s structures are simple. they are easy to set up and maintenance. the cost is low in building the lines. the transmission capacity is large. they are also convenient to cross special geographical conditions, such as rivers, valleys and so on. so the products are applied for various voltage levels of overhead transmission and distribution lines.
2, model



cross sectional area


aluminum wire





gb/t1179-1999 "round wire concentric lay, stranded conductors" standard is equivalent to iec61089-1991 standard. according to user’ needs. our company can produce the aluminum wire and acsr on the basis of astm, din, bs and other standards. note: the products’ model and code in gb1179-83 of the new and old standard still has a large number of users and market, it can be used as non-standard(or user’s special needs) when ordering the products.
3, material standards:
aluminum wire and ascr with a hard steel core execute gb/t17048 (identical with iec60889 standard). acsr with galvanized steel execute iec60888 standards. according to user’s needs, we can produce the production on the basis of the user's material standards and requirements.
4, product performance: the electrical properties of aluminum wire and acsr should be showed as the resistance at 20 ℃. hard aluminum wire’s resistance is not greater than the international standard value 0.028264ω.mm2 / m. acsr has three intensity levels: general intensity level acsr, high strength acsr and extra high strength grade level acsr.
5, product maintenance: the product should avoid squeezing and bumps during handling and transportation. cables should not be laid flat during the transportation and storage. product should take moisture measures during storage.