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thermal element     time: 10/22/10 10:13

it is usually connected with display meter, recording meter and computer, ect, to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from 0℃-1300℃ with explosives such as hydrocarbon on production spot.

operation theory:
the thermocouple is made of different materials. the temperature difference between measuring end and reference can result in thermoelectric potential. then the display meter indicates the corresponding temperature to the thermoelectric potential.


  1. easy assembly and convenient for replacement
  2. spring thermal element with good shock-proof performance
  3. wide measuring range
  4. high mechanical strength, good press-resistant performance


main technical parameters:
the insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube of explosion-proof thermocouple is no less than 100mω.under condition that environment temperature is 20+ 15℃. relative humidity is no more than 80%, and voltage is d.c.500+50v.
the insulation resistance of 1m long tested sample is 1000mω, and than of 10m long tested sample is 1000mω.

insulation resistance at normal temperature