explosion-proof thermocouple with threaded connector

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it is usually connected with display meter, recording meter and computer , ect, to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from 0℃ to 1300℃ during various production process.

operation theory:
explosion-proof thermocouple has a junction box of enough strength with gaps inside it. all spare parts which might produce spark, electric, etc, and dangerous high temperature are sealed in the junction box, when explosion within the box happens, fire and high temperature caused by explosion could be extinct and cooled with the gap. thus, explosion separation could be resized.


  1. various explosion-proof types, good explosion-proof performance
  2. spring thermal element with good shock-resistant performance
  3. wide measuring range
  4. high mechanical strength, good pressure-resistant performance

main technical parameters:
explosion-proof thermocouple
executive standard
insulation resistance at normal temperature
the insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube of the thermocouple shall be no less than 1000mω·m under condition that environment temperature is 20+15℃, relative humidity is no more than 80%,and testing voltage is d.c.500+50v.