thermal resistance with movable flange -尊龙登录

thermal resistance with movable flange     time: 10/22/10 09:52

operation theory:
it is based on that temperature change of material results in change of its resistance. when resistance value changes, the working instrument will display relevant temperature

1. spring thermal sensor with good shock-proof performance
2. no compensational wire, spare cost
3. high measuring accuracy
4. high mechanical strength, good pressure-resistant performance
5. imported film resistor with stable & electric performance

executive standard:

measuring range & tolerance
insulation resistance at normal temperature
the insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube of armored resistance shall be no less than 100m under condition that environment temperature is15~35, relative humidity is no more than 80%, and testing voltage is d. c. 10~100v

remarks: t is absolute value actually tested with thermal sensor