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sbw series temperature transmitter     time: 10/22/10 09:40

sbw temperature transmitter for thermocouple and thermal resistance is on-the-spot installed temperature transmitter unit in match with industrial thermocouple, thermal resistance among ddz series of instruments. with adoption of 2-wire system for transmission (two pieces of wire are used as public transmission wire for power input and signal output.), it transforms signal of industrial thermocouple, thermal resistance into output signal of 4~20ma, 0~10ma in linear relation with input signal or temperature signal.
the transmitter could be directly mounted inside junction box of thermocouple, thermal resistance forming integral structure. as temperature-measuring instrument of new generation, it could be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, textile, foodstuff, national defense, and scientific research fields, etc.
main features:

1.silica rubber or epoxy resin sealing structure, shock & moisture-proof, suitable with bad environment
2.on-the-spot installation inside junction box of thermocouple, thermal resistance, with output signal of 4~20ma, 0~10ma; it could save expensive cost on compensational wire and improve interference-resistant performanc during long-range signal transmission process.
3.the transmitter for themocouple has automatic temperature compensation function at cold end.
4.high accuracy and lower power consumption, wide temperature range for application, stable and electric operation
5.wide application, it could be installed on the spot with thermocouple or thermal resistance to form integral structure, or installed in testing device or with instrument dial as functional block.
6.intellectual temperature transmitter could be used to communicate with upper device through modem base on hart agreement or conduct remote information management, configuration, variable supervision, rectification, maintenance of type, graduation, and measuring range of transmitter with handle device and pc.
7.display direction of intellectual temperature transmitter could be adjusted as user actual demand, and medium temperature, sensor value change, output current and percentage tested with the transmitter could also be displayed.

operation theory
thermocouple or thermal resistance transforms tested temperature into electric signal and sends the signal into transmitter input network which includes concerned circuits with zero setting and thermocouple compensation. after zero setting, the signal is input into calculation amplifier for signal amplification. the amplified signal is processed through v/i switch with output of d.c. 4~20ma on one path, and processed through a/d switch and displayed on instrument head on another path. there are two kinds of linear circuits of feedback way. direct feedback rectification is for thermal resistance, and multi broken line approach rectification is for thermocouple. there are two kinds of display for integral digital display temperature transmitter, 2- wire system output for lcd, and 3-wire system output for led.