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bimetallic thermometer     time: 10/22/10 08:04


it is one kind of thermometers to measure middle and low temperature on the spot. it could be used to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor and gas ranging from -80 to 500 .

1.directly display temperature on the spot
2.high reliability and long life expectancy
3.many structure forms to meet different demands

operation theory
bimetallic thermometer is based on bimetal bended into ring shape. one side of bimetal expands in time of being heated, which results in revolving of indicator, then the meter indicates corresponding temperature value to pyroelectric potential.

main technical parameters
1.executive standard jb/t8803-1998
2.nominal diameter of dial: 60, 100, 150
3.accuracy class: 1.0 ,1.5
4.thermal response time: 40s class: ip55
6.angle-adjusting error it shall be no more than 1% of its measuring range
7.return error it shall be no more than the absolute value of basic error limit.
8.repeat the repeat range shall be no more than 1/2 of absolute value of basic error limit.
9.measuring range