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intelligent multi-channel inspection display controller general description     time: 11/26/10 16:07


intelligent multi-channel inspection display controller uses microprocessor to achieve intelligent control. it is suitable for displaying physical testing control signal of temperature, humidity, pressure, level, instantaneous flow rate, velocity and other physical values. it can give itinerate inspection to multi-channel measurement signal. it can give high-precision linear correction to a variety of non-linear input signal.
every input port has the function of universal signal input and single-channel input and different type of signal can be input into separated ways at the same time. when the whole input signals are switching, simply through a simple menu selection, different input signals (a variety of thermocouple, rtd, standard voltage / standard current signal) can be switched easily, improving the instrument's versatility and reliability.
there are two control output: each group with a unified alarm output / transmission output; each group with separated alarm output / transmission output. the unified alarm type is divided into: alarm type with memory and alarm type without memory. input / output circuits are opto-electronic isolated, so that it has a good anti-jamming capability.
it has high brightness led digital display and all chinese large-screen lcd liquid crystal display, and it can be with serial communications interface. the whole machine is of card-mounted structure, so that the mounting is very convenient.