tk-lcd series intelligent instrument     time: 11/26/10 15:58


  1. general description

tk-led series intelligent instrument is the latest generation of intelligent instruments and is our summary of years of experience manufacturing digital instrumentation, researching a wide range of advanced products and combined with the characteristics of china's industrial field applications.
it focuses on using advanced technology, and greatly improves the operating stability and reliability.
its appearance and structure was made a great improvement on the basis of the original, which make installation and maintenance more convenience.
it is used for detecting and controlling products in industrial process automation systems and is widely applied to defense, steel, power, petrochemical, machinery, pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, printing etc.
2. characteristics

    • it uses a more integrated ic chip, advanced smt surface mounting technology, and unique circuit shielding technology, so that the instrument has superior anti-jamming capability and reliability. it can work with long-term stability in an electromagnetic interference environment.
    • it uses the universal input jumper settings, so that only through simple and quick parameter setting, every instrument can achieve inputting a variety of sub-degree meter number, the standard signal and the remote transmission pressure signal, mv signal.
    • it is of general modular circuit structure, that is, through the simple modular combination, the instrument can achieve many function changes. the versatility and flexibility were significantly enhanced.
    • it uses computer control system, fully automatic digital tuning, no potentiometer adjustments.
    • the instrument has a variety of nice shape and size.
    • the whole machine and movement is of card-mounted structure, so that the mounting and maintenance are very convenient.
    • optional power supply: ac 220v, 50-60hz, 90 ~ 265v switching power supply, or dc 24v power supply.
    • may bring rs-232/rs-485 or rs-422 communication interface, to form a control system with upper monitor.