ytz-150 resistive remote transmitting pressure gauge     time: 10/24/10 09:15


resistive remote transmitting pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid,steam and gas medium which donot have corrosive impact on copper or copper alloy. meanwhile, it can transmit the electric quantity data to the secondary meter over long distance for achieving the result of centralized test and control over long distance. it can also indicate on the spot which will facilitate technical check.

structure principle
the gauge is made of a common bourdon spring pressure gauge and a set of sliding resistance-type transmitter.  when the pressure of the medium changes, the end of bourdon spring will be in displacement. such displacement will push the indicator to indicate the relative pressure date on the plate through the transmission gear. as the sliding resistance-type transmitter is setted on the fan-shaped gear of the transmission gear, it will bring slide arm brush to slide when the transmission gear deviates. the changes of pressure data will be transformed to resistance changes and transmit to the secondary meter to display.

measuring range

measuring range mpa

0~2.5;0~4;0~6;0~1 0;0~1 6;0~25;0~40;0~60


using condition:-40~70℃, relative humidity less than 85% and the shock and strong pulse vibration have no obvious impact on the normal work of the meter.

temperature impact: when using temperature deviates 20±5℃, the additional temperature error is less than 0.4%/10℃。