tk8000-ex series switch output isolated safety barrier     time: 10/28/10 08:30

 meter overview
switch output isolated safety barrier, the contact switch of the safe area side controls or drives the work of field intrinsic safety instruments through safety barrier. the intrinsic safety instruments include solenoid valves, sound and light alarm apparatus and so on.
the feature of input and output isolation allows the control switch connected to the 24v dc power supply circuit any way directly.
main technical parameters
explosion-proof mark: [exia] ⅱ c
power consumption: about 1.5w
hazardous area output:
open circuit voltage ≥ 22v
ue / ie: 12v/35ma, 12v/45ma, 12v/60ma (three specs)
security area input: dry contact
continuous operating temperature: -20 ~ +60 ℃
state explosion protected electrical products quality supervision and inspection center (cqst)
authentication parameters (10,9 and 11,12 terminals)
u0 ≤ 28v, c0 ≤ 0.064μf, i0 ≤ 93ma, l0 ≤ 4.2mh
um = 250v ac / dc, p0 ≤ 0.65w
for field devices:
intrinsic safety solenoid valves,