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zsjp fine small air operated plunger-type single-seat regulating valve

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the zsjp fine small air operated plunger type single-seat regulating valve is spring plunger type may the zero alignment implementing agency and the fine small single-seat valve module is composed of zs a p, the structure is lightly smaller than zjhp, the acting speed is quick, the anti-knocking property is good, the flow capacity is big, selects the permission differential pressure which the different spring scope may obtain needs, is suitable requests in the spillage to be small, either the installment space is limited or the request speed of response quick automatic control situation. the air operated plunger-type regulating valve brings the locator. its adjustment cut-off product is zsjp3, the valve core, the valve seat built-up welding department too lai hard alloy, the permission spillage is 10 -5× valve rated capacities.