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zqgp pneumatic quick cutting valve

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zqgp pneumatic quick cutting valve is consisted of pneumatic multi-spring plunger actuator and low flow resistance, double sealed construction cutting valve. the actuator is with rapid movement speed, large thrust, self-resetting function and handy actuator. the valve body flows smoothly, the discharge coefficient is big and the spool and valve seat have flexible and rigid double sealing. the novel and unique structure makes the product become a king of quick cutting, tight cutting, safe, anhui electric and high-functional new cutting valve.
the product has the characteristics of excellent function, full specification, small size and light weight. it can meet for the operation requirement of automatic quick discharge and urgent cutting in the production progress of chemical industry, oil, metallurgy and other industrial sectors and is suitable for the safe protection system of production progress and equipment. it is also suitable for the common dual control and switch operation occasion.