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oval gear flowmeter

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product name:oval gear flowmeter


product overview:

  first, use

  oval gear flowmeter(after referred to as the flowmeter)is used to measure liquid flow of sophisticated instruments. flowmeter can choose different materials (cast steel, stainless steel and 316) manufacture, apply to chemical, oil, medicine, electricity, metallurgy and food industry sectors measuring the flow of work. originator to flowmeters with factory and the flow totalizer-matching and other instruments, for centralized testing, the standard output signal, for automatic control and data processing, etc., and directly with the computer network.

  second, characteristics:

  1、high precision measurement;
2、bodies simple, sturdy and anhui electric operation;
3、particularly suited to measuring the viscosity of higher medium, but also to be measured changes in the viscosity of the liquid is not sensitive;
4、easy to install. flowmeter not straight after paragraph, even if the flow meter and around the valve, pipe, tube reduction, expansion of, and without the installation of straight pipe.

the principle and structure of products:


  this flow meter is a volume-flow meter, the major part of me is the measurement and measurement equipment in a box on the oval gear, and they constitute a sealed cover the early yuexing cavity, as a measuring tool. flowmeter pressure on the import and export of the poor to promote oval gear rotation. fluid as early yuexing cavity measures after discharge, oval gear each rotation can output four times a week in early yuexing cavity volume. therefore, an oval gear to the number of directly proportional to the flow of fluid.


  second, structure:

   flowmeter from the main body, a pair of oval gear, magnetic couplings, adjusting gears, counters and the originating device component (see the internal structure of meter flowmeter the disintegration of plans and parts name table).
flowmeter body of the single and double two, single shell that is speaking of me as one: that is, double-shell and measured me for the two-body.
oval gear to a few, through a series of magnetic couplings and gears of the slowdown, spread to form the first counter. magnetic coupling mainly driven by the active magnets and magnet component. using magnetic coupling can improve the work flow meter pressure and temperature, operational safety and reduce maintenance work.