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tkls type rotary-piston flowmeter     time: 11/04/10 09:42


tkls type rotary-piston flowmeter is a kind of volumetric flowmeters. it not only has the advantages which the volumetric flowmeters have, such as high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, high accuracy, reliability service, but also be suitable for the measurement of the high viscosity materials. it has many advantages, such as the simple structure. we can save the time when we dismount the flowmeter. we don’t need special washing tools when we wash the measurement components. it can dismount easily from the body, and it won’t influence the measurement degree. the rotary-piston flowmeter can be divided into two types, local indicator and fast eastone.

the piston can realize the floating movement. the abrasion is extremely small.
small volume, light weight, and easy dismounting.
the cavity of the piston is large, so the particulates can be ejected automatically.
the counter adopts lcd liquid crystal display, so it can show the instantaneous delivery and other data.
output signal: 4~20ma or 1~10vdc  

technical parameters:
nominal diameter(mm): dn15、25、32、50、80
intrinsic error(%):0.2、0.3、0.5
maximum working pressure(mpa): 1.6、2.5、4.0
flow-rate range(m3/h): dn15,0.05~0.80;dn80,6.0~60;dn25,0.20~1.80;
temperature range(℃): 0~60;0~280
dielectric viscosity (mpa.s):1~3000
connecting flange: gb9113.4-2000
material: cast steel, stainless steel