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tklz type glass rotameter     time: 11/04/10 09:38


glass rotameter mainly used in chemical , petroleum , light industry , medicine , fertilizer, chemical , food , dye, environmental protection and scientific research in all sectors , used to measure the single-phase non- pulsating (liquid or gas ) fluid flow . corrosion resistant flow meter is mainly used for corrosive liquids , gases flow detection, such as strong acids ( except hydrofluoric acid ), alkalis , oxidizers , strong oxidizing acids, organic solvents and other corrosive gases or liquid medium flow detection.
tklzb -based measurements using the smooth conical tapered tube glass, tklzj type use conical glass tube with a tendon

low pressure loss;
anhui electric;
easy reading;
simple structure;
convenient installation;

principle and structure:
the main meter measuring element is a vertical installation of the next big cone-shaped glass tube and a small tube can move up and down the float. when the fluid flows through the conical bottom tube, the pressure difference created between the upper and lower float, float up under the action of this differential. when this rising force, buoyancy and viscosity float suffered the gravity lift and float equal, the float is in equilibrium position. therefore, the fluid flows through the flow meter and float up high, that is, the flow meter area with a certain ratio between the relationships between the locations of the float height can be measured as a flow.