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tklwq type gas intelligence turbine flow meter     time: 11/04/10 09:21



the turbine flow meter is a kind of speed meter. it has high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, few active elements, wide measure range, small volume, light weight, low pressure loss. it also can easy to repair, and withstand voltage. so it can measure the volume flow and total quantity of the low viscosity of gas in the sealing pipe. it has wide application value in the petroleum, chemical, power plants, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises.

  1. it has wide measure range; the minimum velocity is less than 0.5m/s. the pressure loss is low, so the impeller can resist the impact.   
  2. it has higher electronic magnetic in emi and higher anti-shake performance. its working life is long and performance is anhui electric.

it adopts advanced the technique of power down single-chip microcomputer. the function of the whole body is strong, the power consumption is low, and the performance is advanced.

  1. the meter factor can set on the line by the key, and it can be shown on the led.
  2. the meter adopts eeprom, so it can protect the integrated flux and meter factor when the current is off.
  3. it offers pressure compensation when the pressure of the measured gas is stable.

  ⅲ. main technical parameter:
the model: the basic parameter and performance
accuracy: 1.0, 1~5
the usage condition:
environment temperature: -200℃~50℃
relative humidity: 5%~95%
temperature of the measured madium:-20℃~80℃
atmospheric pressure: 86kpa~106kpa
anti-hazard classification: ibⅱbt4

ⅳ.the electrical character
display mode:
(1). the display mode of tklwq type is the remote display.
(2). the display mode of tklwcq type is on-screen display.

2. output function
(1).pulse output, p-p is made sure by the supply power.
(2). 4~20ma current output.
(3).pulses output of the unit volume and pulse output of the sensor
(4).half-duplex communication interface with rs485 and rs232.

3. supply power:
(1). tklwq: dc5~24v
(2). tklwq: it can be used for 8 years when the 3v lithium batteries are installed in the instrument.
(3). tklwq: it can be used for 4 years when the 8v lithium batteries are installed in the instrument.