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tklugb type vortex flow transmitter     time: 11/03/10 16:13


usage and character

tklugb type vortex flow transmitter is mainly used to measure the flow rate of the medium liquid in the industrial pipe, such as gas, liquid, steam and so on. its features are the low pressure loss, the wide measure range, high accuracy and so on. it will not be influenced by the factors of density, pressure, temperature, or viscosity while measuring the volume of the liquid. it doesn’t have movable machine part, so its reliability is high and maintenance is little. the instrument constant can be stable for a long time. the insert instrument can be installed in the inlet of the pipe. the ball valve can assemble or disassemble without the current. so it can be easy to wash and repair. the instrument adopts electrical stress sensor, and has high accuracy. it can work during the temperature range -2 0℃~+25 0℃. it is easy to contact with the computer, because it has simulation standard signal and digital pulse signal. so it is a kind of advanced and ideal instrument.