tkurg-1000 multi-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter     time: 11/03/10 16:01


general description
tkurg-1000 multi-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter is a new product developed for measurement and trade settlement on natural gas, coal gas, methane, air and other media. its technical indices meet the "aga-9" document standards of american gas association. in particular, the special layout of no.2, no.4, no.6 channels meet measurement requirements of a variety of gas media. the gas flow meter also has accurate measurement function at normal temperature.

1. accuracy measurement
2. dry test technology
3. measurement technology under normal pressure
4. little lose of pressure
5. a wide measuring range
6. minimal upstream and downstream straight pipe
7. transducer cleaning technology
8. self-diagnostic function
9. two-way metering
10.installation online

tkurg-1000 multi-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter is used for measuring natural gas, blast furnace gas, methane, air, etc.