nk-600 poisonous gas alarm

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nk-600 fixed gas detection transmitter is developed for strict monitor of dangerous situations in petroleum, metallurgy, coal, power chemical, and other industries. it can detect co, h2s, h2, o2, flammable gas and other toxic and harmful gases. after the gas detection transmitter make a proportionally linear process of gas concentration and turn it into a standard 4-20ma signal, it can be connected to a secondary instrument and directly display the gas concentration.

  1. plug and play
  2. protection of high concentration (only for catalytic sensor)
  3. hardware of high-precision and wide-range; vga (variable gain amplifier) is used to avoid the decreased sensitivity, which is only brought by the software.
  4. each probe contains an additional temperature sensor, which is used for compensating the temperature impact on gas sensor.
  5. artificial

technical parameters

    • measuring gas: so2, co2.co, ch4, etc.
    • range: free optional
    • output signal: 2x4 ~ 20ma dc
    • work environment: 2x4 ~ 20ma dc
    • operating voltage :18-27v dc (typical: 24v)
    • weight: 4kg (cast aluminum), 6kg (stainless steel)
    • explosion-proof grade: diict6