all dielectric self-尊龙登录

all dielectric self-supporting foc i (adss)     time: 11/20/10 08:51


type: gyftcy
*non-metallic frp
*pe inner sheath
*loose tube stranded filled with jelly
*aramid yarn reinforcement
*high strength, electric tracking-resistant sheath

application range: it could be installed on the same tower for high voltage power line, or used for telecom system lines spanning rivers and mountains
mounting ways: for aerial mounting
application temperature: -40℃~ +70℃

*with high tensile strength, installation span reaches more than 1000 meters to the maximum.
*free from metallic material, with good insulation performance.
*special outer sheath with strong resistance against electric corrosion. it could be laid on the same tower for high voltage line of 200kv or higher.
*aramid yarn reinforcement with strong resistance against shock and bullet.
*with light weight
*convenient for installation and maintenance (unnecessary for power supply stop)