anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. actively did the work of heatstroke prevention -尊龙登录

anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. actively did the work of heatstroke prevention


recently, anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. held a meeting about doing the work of the heatstroke prevention , and implementing the summer cooling measures to ensure the workers in the plant can pass the high temperature period safely. the meeting was presided over by vice-general manager, xu hongqin, and all employees in the company participated in the meeting.

at first, “the notice of anhui electric (group) shares co., ltd. about the heatstroke prevention in the summer” was transmitted and studied in the meeting, and the head of the administration and production department gave a brief description on carrying out the work of heatstroke prevention. then, the vice-general manager, xu hongqin, make specific requirements for this work. first, we must pay close attention and intensify its publicity. according to the actual circumstances, the employees in the office should make anti-heat emergency plan and collect various forms of knowledge of heatstroke prevention. then pass them to the cadres and workers, especially to worker at the production line. second, take the real action to ensure the results. the head of the production department should care the workers at the production line, and give staff with the necessary food and medicines. prevention is first, treatment is second. the meeting also noted that make safety checks of all kinds of ventilation, cooling facilities and equipment to create a good working environment for the workers